Beer in a tortilla warmer, and other unbelievable home remedies

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After a day of cleaning, I sensed a headache on the horizon. After complaining to nana, she cut up a potato, stuck one-half on each side of my head and wrapped it with a wet towel.

Laying down and looking up at the ceiling, all I could think of is how strange I must have looked in what was one of nana’s many methods to fix life’s discomforts. While I can’t remember if my headache was gone with this spud of a cure, I do remember feeling comforted by the assurance that she gave me.

The feeling of a mother’s hand as she rubs the cooling rub on your chest is a feeling every child should experience.

I’m not sure science can prove this one, but abuelas have been known to eliminate baby hiccups with a piece of red yarn.

People are interesting things. I write about them and what makes them interesting.

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