Challenge your perspective, enjoy the quiet moments

I wanted to take this Labor Day holiday seriously by actually doing nothing. That was hard to do and it begs the question. Can we get away with actually doing nothing?

Some of us probably worked harder on Labor Day than most other days. Maybe you caught up with laundry like I did. Maybe you spent all day cooking, if that is considered work, for family members.

There was a point in my day where I grabbed a book, phone and headphones, and headed outside. I was ready to listen to music and catch up on my latest political propaganda. It was then that something peculiar happened. As I took a seat in my lawn chair, on my front porch, a cool breeze hit me.

How many of us can spend an entire hour just sitting? Sitting and listening. Watching cars drive by and wondering. So many things fill up your mind but they’re not the kind of thoughts that drag you down. Not the work kind of thoughts that add a gray hair or give you a sense of exhaustion. They are at the same time full and empty thoughts.

Think of your grandfather and grandmother. Would you consider yourself more or less busy than they were? They lived in a time where cars were washed by hand, and so were dishes. Clothes were hung on the line to dry. For many, food was harvested, picked and cooked. You had to get up to change the television station.

Things used to be fixed by hand with tools that everyone had at home. Now we get things delivered and prepared for us. We can spend the entire day sitting and still get things done. It seems like we’ve come a long way. Yet, on that road to progress, we’ve lost a few things.

One of them is the appreciation for communication between people. That old style of sending information back and forth. A time when we had to look at each other to say something.

As I sat outside on my comfy lawn chair. That cool summer breeze took me back to a time that I could only imagine. A time where we learned to do things for a reason, not for convenience. A time when what you said with your mouth and your eyes, meant something.

Take a moment sometime to just sit and enjoy the quiet. Let your imagination take you away.

Originally published at on September 7, 2016.

People are interesting things. I write about them and what makes them interesting.

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