Day 3/365 new-a-day project: Coffee and a car wash

Abraham Villarreal
3 min readMay 22, 2017


Trying something new every day for 365 days.

Historic, downtown Silver City, NM.

Sunday is church day for me, but before heading out to worship, I made my way to the laundromat.

Doing laundry is my least favorite chore; however, it does give time for extra reading and people watching — two of my favorite things.

Short on quarters, after a quick visit to the ATM, I decided to break my $20 on a cup of joe at a coffee shop I had yet to experience.

The Jumping Cactus is one of several coffee shops in historic downtown Silver City. It’s a mainstreet community filled with art galleries, a food co-op, a historic theater, and coffee.

I like my coffee black. Don’t want the extra stuff. Just coffee.

Because I’m New Mexican, I ordered a veggie breakfast burrito along with a small black coffee. The Jumping Cactus is a very small place. A few chairs and tables, and an outdoor seating area looking over the passerbys, it’s quaint and colorful.

The drink and burrito came out to $7.25 and after returning to the laundromat to start the dry cycle, I dug in to breakfast. The burrito was smaller than I expected, but that’s O.K. because I was feeling guilty about eating a tortilla. I’ve been on health kick since last July and have lost 63 pounds. More on that on a different day.

The coffee was a bit watered down. The taste was good. Overall breakfast was filling, but truth be told, I like my coffee a bit darker.

After church, I visited a new home, at least new to my dear friend Aujenae Ore. She was having a housewarming party/graduation party. Last week she earned a bachelor degree from Western New Mexico University.

Married to Zach and mom to 3-year old Brennan and 1-year old Naleiah, Aujenae graduated with honors, never missing a semester while bringing her two wonderful babies to into this world. She proved anything is possible.

She moved into the same house her parents first lived in when they moved into town 24-years ago. Somehow, life always goes full circle. It’s in the small community of Tyrone just outside of Silver City. Looking forward to future dinner parties in their new home.

The day finished with a new car! Ok, a new looking car. I washed the Nissan and let me tell you, she really needed it. Southwest living has no mercy on a black car.

Have a blessed week everyone!



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