Day 7,8 & 9/365 new-a-day project: Going home on a rickshaw

Abraham Villarreal
3 min readMay 28, 2017


Trying something new every day for 365 days.

The assorted inventory at Silver Shoe Repair

A real benefit of the new-a-day project is wanting to document everything you do with your camera. I was thinking about the pluses and minuses of today’s usage of the camera phone and the 20th century way of taking pictures that will one day be developed.

We don’t develop pictures anymore. That means we don’t scrapbook as much, or spend time together looking through photo albums. I think that’s a shame.

Day 7

I know this has been mostly about food, but I couldn’t resist trying out the Asian Noodle Bowl at Tapas Tree Grille in downtown Silver City. The place is amazing and so is this bowl. I added turkey and had a memorable lunch. One of my new favorite meals.

While waiting for my order, I picked up the latest issue of Edible Baja Arizona magazine. In it was a fascinating article about a group of prisoners that saved their meager jail-made earnings to purchase “gourmet” food items made by a fellow prisoner. The chimichangas and lasagna dishes were priced up to $10 each and consisted of a varied selected on junk food. Read more about it here.

I have to admit that I spent way too much of my morning creating a Bitmoji of myself.

Day 8

It’s Mustang Friday! Another quiet Friday on campus lead to a lunch time walk through downtown with a couple of co-workers. Desmond needed to fix his designer carryon bag so we stopped by a place that looked to be shut down called Silver Shoe Repair.

It was like walking into the Old West. Boots, shoes, age-old repair machines, and tiny curiosities filled the place. The owner David Wait told us that he bought the place from the previous owners years ago. It’s located on the main street of town in a building that looks like it’s going to fall over, but that’s what makes it awesome.

Today was my day to visit the local nursing home where we made some art with the residents. I do this once a month and getting to know the old ladies has been an amazing experience.

Day 9

The annual Blues Festival is back in town for Memorial Day weekend. This is my third year working inside a giant lemon, selling lemonade for my friend Doug’s business — Lemons On The Loose. People love the stuff.

It’s a long day of standing and smiling. “Do you have sugar free?”, “this isn’t sugary enough.” Overall, it’s great to see people having fun and enjoying family time.

After a 10-hour shift, Desmond and I jumped on a rickshaw. Had never been on one. The guy running the yellow contraption tried to take me home but couldn’t make it all the way up College Avenue.

He said he paid for the thing with his student loans before he graduated from Western. I hope my $10 tip helped him make a day of good earnings.

Have one more day of lemonading to go…



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