It’s the little things in life that mattered this year

Photo by Flemming Fuchs on Unsplash

These days, we need easy things, little things, common things to keep us going.

A lot of those little things have been taken away. Eating at your favorite childhood restaurant. Watching a movie with an endless bag of popcorn. Waving a little flag during a Fourth of July parade. Cheering on the hometown high school football team. We haven’t done those things and it feels like part of us, is no longer part of us. We are incomplete.

So, when I feel like life is tough and I get nervous about what tomorrow will bring, it comforts me to go back to doing simple things like making a cup of coffee or sitting on the front porch doing not much more than just sitting there.

This year, I have tried to add to my list of little things. I adopted a cat. She gives me endless little things to focus on. I started volunteering at a museum. On Saturdays, with the doors closed to the public and only the sound of traffic passing by, I sit there making my way through donated items and pictures of happy families through the past decades.

People are interesting things. I write about them and what makes them interesting.

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