Peanut butter and spinach sandwiches; the art of trying new things

Life can become so routine. I recently wanted to spice up my diet by trying something new. I’ve been on a health kick and my diet has changed considerably.

Snacking has becoming a regular thing, and my office is filled with random items including fruit, crackers, veggies and peanut butter. So I decided to put a few things together, and the peanut butter and spinach sandwich was born.

My coworkers couldn’t believe it and they definitely wouldn’t have a taste. I was a bit skeptical myself and wasn’t sure that this morning snack would go down easily. To my surprise I loved it.

We’ve become afraid of trying new things. This rise in our hesitancy is unfortunate and it’s everywhere. Toddlers eat boxed macaroni and cheese every night. College students have developed a McDonalds palette. “Would you like to try the special?” “No thanks, I’ll have the usual.” Our new apprehension goes beyond the food world.

People are afraid to open new businesses, visit unfamiliar places, even watch movies of a different genre.

More options exist today than ever before and still we are creatures of comfort. Too many TV channels? No worries, you can make a list with just your favorites. Who has the time to waste looking for something you’ve never seen before.

are in a different time, a different mindset than the era that saw Americans setting their eyes on a new frontier in the 1960s. We are far-gone from the time of our founding fathers. A group of brave men risking everything to form a new way of life. The risk was huge and the odds were against them. But they were brave.

Think of the courage that the immigrants mustered when arriving at Ellis Island in the early 20th century. Strangers in a strange land. They had to learn to speak a new language and live by new rules. Their cooking ingredients were different. Neighborhood traditions unfamiliar. But they were brave and tried new things. You had to do that to survive.

Where are the risk takers? The next Steve Jobs? The next Sam Walton? The next Amelia Earhart? I can’t say that I’m one of them. I’m just a guy that wanted to try a peanut butter and spinach sandwich. It was a small risk with a good pay off. It didn’t change the world but you have to start somewhere, and now I’m motivated to try some more new things. Unfamiliar things. You should too.

Originally published at on August 24, 2016.



People are interesting things. I write about them and what makes them interesting.

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Abraham Villarreal

People are interesting things. I write about them and what makes them interesting.