Simple, everyday conversations are still worth it

Abraham Villarreal
3 min readOct 9
These two are talking about something interesting, and maybe not so important. We need to keep talking about unimportant things.

Maybe I was born in the wrong generation, but I still like to talk to people. People I know and people I don’t know. Talk to someone when placing an order. Talk to someone when picking up my groceries. Talk to someone when paying for my morning coffee. Talk to someone when I need help.

I know I’m better off asking the butcher for the finest cut of meat, rather than reading a review online or clicking a picture on an app. The butcher knows what’s best for me.

When I’m looking for cilantro in the produce section at the store and the shelf looks empty, I like to ask the stocker if she can go “to the back” to check if there is more. Sometimes there is, and it’s always worth asking.

The last time I had my tires replaced, I had a great conversation with the tire guy about the quality of tires and what would last me the longest. He really knew his stuff and he was passionate about cars and about driving. That made me feel good about my purchase. I like to talk to people who enjoy what they do.

I was at a Mexican restaurant recently and the cook told me about his burritos and tacos. How he makes them and why they are the best in town. He said his uncle owned the franchise and that he almost closed his doors last year. It was the toughest year on record, but he knew he had to keep on going. I’m glad he told me all this. It made me want to eat there again and again. To help him keep on going.

One of the best conversations I recently had was with a food truck owner at one of the town plazas. It was a cool and breezy afternoon just as the fall season arrived, and we were enjoying quesadillas with green chile outside his small and humble food truck. He told me how he stole his cook from another restaurant and other funny stories about growing his business.

I enjoyed that conversation, and I remember it. It was the kind of talk I could never have with the DoorDash guy.

Society is advancing. That’s what I read about all the time. Modernization is a good thing. We can get things done without interactions, without saying hello or goodbye. We can accomplish so much without “dealing” with other people. Click here, get it there. The…

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