The children are waiting on the hope of America

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Illustration by Dan Carino.

How many of you woke up from a comfy bed, took a shower in warm water, and put on that new shirt you purchased on sale last weekend? The scene is a sharp contrast to what most people experience.

America seems like a vast space filled with mostly happy people. Some of us live in rural open areas. We drive slowly and enjoy the pauses that life brings our way. Others of us are in the busy metropolis of urban life. Always in a hurry. Running to make a meeting.

Those that survive the modern day trail of tears are being met by a clenched fist and a closed door.

Parents will do anything to give their kids a better life, and as hard as it is to imagine it, they will send them off with a stranger who is trying to make a buck but promises a delivery of hope into a new land.

People are interesting things. I write about them and what makes them interesting.

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