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A scene from the American classic TV program ‘The Andy Griffith Show’.

When we say that we care about something, what does it mean? Phrases can be overused. “I love you” has become the new period at the end of a sentence in a society where grammar isn’t valued.

And then, there’s the politics of caring. From top to bottom, our arguments are about big and small things. We used to get over the small things. Now we start with “how are you?” and end with “leave me alone.”

Today, we are sure that cops are corrupt, preachers are lying thieves, and politicians are politicians.

We don’t care about each other because we are afraid to in a society where caring has become political. Refugees aren’t people. Homeless are drunks. You can’t spell or speak correctly if you live in a trailer. Lawbreakers don’t deserve second chances.

People are interesting things. I write about them and what makes them interesting.

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