Why local news is still worth reading

Abraham Villarreal
3 min readJun 4, 2022
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I’m in the habit of checking my phone early in the morning and also right before bedtime just to see if I missed any important world happenings. Major conflicts are brewing in different corners of the globe. Virus infections bubble up here and there. Supply chain issues, politics, money, and other things I read about but don’t fully understand.

I do that. I get up and read a little. Go to bed and read a little. It all seems so important, but as I read, it’s hard to connect myself to what I’m learning and why it’s important. That’s why I still turn to the local newspaper.

Where I live, the daily doesn’t exist anymore. Writers aren’t rushing each day to meet deadlines. Printers aren’t meeting the demands of the clock, at least not every night. Fingers aren’t soaked in black ink. While computers and software programs do some of the major lifting, writers still write and readers still read.

I’m one of those readers of local news that likes it best when it’s printed in the local newspaper. I like to pick up the paper, fold it open the way people have done for generations, left hand down, right hand up and arms in the air.

I like to give the front page a look over before deciding where I’m going to start first. I like to see that the weather is still printed in tiny letters with either a sun or clouds to let you know what to expect that day. I like to know that I will learn something new about the community around me and I will learn something I already know.

That’s the best part of reading the local paper. It tells you something about yourself and those closest to you. It reassures you of the sentiments you already have. You live in a nice neighborhood. The baker still wakes up before everyone. The little league team is sponsored by the Dairy Queen. You already know all that and it makes you happy to read it.

Other times, you read it because you think you know about something only to learn that you didn’t know that much about it. Headlines try to hook you into reading a story that a reporter spent his…

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